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Core Competences

At B.U. Creative, we excel in transforming cybersecurity threats into opportunities with our focus on offensive security and cyber threat intelligence. With over twenty years of experience, our team has successfully launched innovative products such as “Secrets Catcher” under th Xtreme Secrets brand and a comprehensive cybersecurity suite tailored for startups under the C*Sparks brand.

In preparation for 2025, we are developing a groundbreaking cyber threat intelligence technology, setting new industry standards.

Additionally, our Cyberlegal division, led by Avv. Laura Di Ciommo, seamlessly integrates legal and technical expertise to deliver specialized cybersecurity solutions, addressing complex challenges with precision and effectiveness.

Innovative cyber security product developers

CyberSecurity Business Unit Development

Development of new services

CISO as a Service

Creation of strategic partnerships

Building and Managing Teams

Recruiting and training team members

iSOC for Startups

About Us

At Business Unit Creative, our core mission is to innovate and develop specialized business units in offensive security and cyber threat intelligence. Over the past eight years, our expertise and strategic approach have been instrumental in creating and nurturing these units, driving their growth from inception to multi-million euro ventures for numerous companies on both national and international stages. Our success lies in not just understanding cyber threats but in transforming this knowledge into powerful, profitable business solutions that redefine the landscape of digital security.

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What our clients think about our services

I have been using B.U. Creative’s offensive security and cyber threat intelligence services for over a year now and have been thoroughly impressed with their level of expertise and commitment to keeping my company safe from cyber attacks. Their team is not only knowledgeable but also responsive and easy to work with. Their products and services have been instrumental in identifying and mitigating potential threats, and their partnership approach has helped us to grow our business in a secure way. I highly recommend Antonio to any company looking for a reliable and effective cyber security solution.


FVP – Responsabile Area Nord Ovest presso Finance Company

Working with Antonio and their team at B.U. Creative has been a game changer for our business. They were able to identify new market opportunities and develop a strategic plan to expand our offensive security and cyber threat intelligence offerings. Their expertise in creating new products and services, as well as building and managing a dedicated team, has helped us stay ahead of the competition and increase our revenue. They were also instrumental in securing funding and implementing the plan efficiently. We couldn’t have done it without them. I highly recommend Antonio for any company looking to grow their business


Marketing, Sales & Customer Service IT Supervisor